Spot a Pet

See a stray pet with no collar?

Spot It!

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With Spot a Pet, now I can help

Now if a pet goes missing, Spot a Pet connects our community to help families track their loved ones and gives good willing people a resource to help.

When you see a pet without identification, post it on the live feed. Neighbors can see exactly where you made the spotting, ask questions if needed, and those who hold a lost pet for protection can let the owners know their loved one is safe.

  • Take a Photo

    Upload a photo now or later so owners can identify their family member.

  • Tag GPS Location

    The pet's family can see the most recent location. Others in the community can leave additional GPS tags.

  • Leave More Info

    Let others know what else you saw. What direction was she running, did he seem frightened or curious?

  • See Your Lost Pet

    If little Fido goes missing, take a look to see who in the community has spotted him.

  • View Location

    When Marbles ran out the door again, neighbors can use the Spot news feed to let you know their location.

  • Get Answers

    Find out where she went, find him quickly!

  • Help pets find their way home

    Now you can help stray animals without having to adopt them or bring them to a shelter

  • Find your lost pet

    Scan Spot a Pet’s feed to look for your lost pet. Spot a Pet only shows you pets in your immediate area.

  • Communicate for a good cause

    Comment on existing posts with new information to help stray animals.

Tell others about Spot a Pet

Follow us in social networks. Help spread the word to animal lover’s everywhere. Together we can bring our lost pets home!